Of course it’s raining ☔️

Have we ever had Halfterm without the heavens opening? It chucked it down after my trip to my favourite Woolworths replacement, looking for a wheelbarrow. Which of course hasn’t been in stock for two weeks… what was I thinking? Pandemic supplies 🥺

Car park waiting.

So I guess I need to find an alternative shuffler to move my heaviest bags of soil/clods of turf. I didn’t think that one through at all. Sand and cement will be ordered methinks, as we are not going to shift those with the tools we have… I filled the old wheelbarrow with seeds because it rusted through – again not thought through…

A new blue! No idea what I planted here…

I am sat in the car as we followed the rules – one of us does the shopping – but he didn’t take a list so we’ll see what he saves by not getting a breakdown of meals, and I wonder how much pasta? We have plenty to be honest. The cupboard isn’t bare, but oldest has decided she likes fried eggs now so eggs are being devoured at warp speed.

Broad beans have pods! I thought they got taller?

Sun is out now so garden turf may still be lifted. Joys of bank holidays in lockdown.

Pink shiny allium. It’s a new one on me.

❤️Love from the Garden❤️

It costs nothing and sends happiness round the world. My blog reaches far corners of the world and I hope it brings joy, enthusiasts and experts (as I keep hoping for tips) to the garden I hoped to create when we moved here five years ago.

Lots still to do and I know it’s going to be hard. I’ve tried videos and panoramic pics but then the platform is changing and I need to keep abreast of that. The Apple blossom has all blown away, the lilies are promising an appearance but areas where daffodils and Scilla grow like mad take a long time to recover. The roses look beautiful where we have trimmed them back but we have lost some to the sky which we didn’t prune at all.

Slab by slab the turf is lifted…
The slabs are stopping me from getting to this bed with alliums in.
This is growing through the cracks.
Light on roses makes them glow – how could l not like?
Little plugs are growing well in this tray discovered behind the little shed.
Madness in the old wheelbarrow.

Funny Old World!

Rules are changing by the day and councils are refusing to open schools… In the North of England the councils have taken a stand. We don’t have firm science yet so keeping kids at home may be more likely than not. The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge’s are homeschooling and when they send George and Charlotte back is a good indicator that it is safe. However they have nannies etc to keep lessons going… My kids are in the inbetween groups: y4 and y8. So probably not going back till September… I won’t have peace or the house to myself till then.

Better keep working on the garden then… it’s my sanctuary but it is still needing hard landscaping and the weeds are growing apace! The only way to get rid is hard work. I am not a fan of heavy-duty weed killer or wanting to resort to a flame thrower.

I am so proud that my youngest likes the wave of purple on the front – a purple rainbow was actually her words. We were off to pick up breakfast supplies from her school: bagels and shreddies but left the (catering tins of) beans for others.

Alliums and peonies create a rainbow 🌈
Not quite fully out but these christophii are my favourite alliums.