Wimpole has Changed!

We visited Wimpole as it’s not far from Ashwell and the Gotha Garden. We still have our Trust cards which even one visit a quarter makes it worth joining. But again we were pleasantly surprised by the changes that had taken place with a new direction of entry and the old car parking turned back into landscape. A slightly longer walk than I expected to the walled garden but it was worth it.

Lots of wildflower planting in the car parks.

And oh my goodness, the bees! There were so many on everything! I’m not sure where the hives are, but they were enjoying the flowers. The herbs and flowers were vibrant. There were lots of my favourite things and there were plenty of perches/benches for my, by this time, weary bones. I certainly did my steps!

We hadn’t been to Wimpole in a while what with shutting up and staying home for so long and the rest has seen lots of improvements in the access and paths, if they were a bit longer at least the shop/stables are not the first thing you see/do and there are little shuttle buses to help you out. But we kept the step count going and stopped a few times.

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