Lunch at Gotha!

After a day in Cambridge, mum and I went to Gotha nr Ashwell today for lunch and a wander. It was quite busy and I love that word is spreading as I think it’s a garden with character. It has something for everyone and although it has a formality to its layout, it has also an element of nature being allowed to thrive.

Olde English roses were giving off some wonderful scents and the lavender was profuse. There were signs of the first white agapanthus so that might be reason to visit again soon. I remember more blues in flower last year.

Butterflies, bees and other buzzing creatures were in abundance and there were lots of different things in bloom making me think a season ticket might be in order. The cakes play no small part!

We are having a siesta now! Look up Gotha Gardens on Facebook if you want to visit!

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