Lovely in the garden!

This afternoon I pulled out and cleared a lot of euphorbia and prickly weeds in another area which was needing cleared. As it’s near the biggest tree in the garden, the amount of dead leaves, in amongst it all was quite astonishing. I picked up a lot of bulbs and a couple of hebes yesterday. I am keen to try and dig them in tomorrow and have been trying to make a list in my head of all the things I aim to do over the next couple of days.

Crab apples next door!

I can fill a trug very quickly with things I pull out. I wish there wasn’t quite so much of the stuff I am happy to ditch! Especially what grows in the veg beds. I will probably need to look at them too tomorrow.

Gatepost uncovered!

Another day off and the emptied bin is fast filling up after I attacked some of the front gatepost and pulled out lots of spiky and lots of ivy/mares tail/miscellaneous weeds. I got lots achieved but started getting dizzy so I aborted for an hour. Lots of bulbs and things to plant where I have emptied areas.

Hebe here. I left that ivy up the tree…

Every so often I feel sad about the passing of the Queen and wonder whether I should be doing more, but I’m sure she has been visited by as many people as need to visit without adding to the chaos in my head by testing it with a journey into London. My husband cancelled plans to meet a friend for much the same reason (the chaos in London).

Added all these as well as some plants (some long needing planted…) and hebes I bought yesterday.

I’ve enjoyed the last hour pulling out more ivy and euphorbia and planting snowdrop and alliums of all different types. A couple of camassias and a sprinkling of the dog’s ashes all add to the peaty enrichment of the soil. Let’s see what makes it through the winter!

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