May May May! Be nice!

I don’t know why I’m begging. May has been lovely but I don’t want it to get hotter! It’s lovely enough? I probably want to curl up and sleep if I’m honest!

I still have lots to do! I pulled up chunks of grass around the edges of beds and I haven’t used the mower but it’s really not going to work. I don’t think it’s realistic for me to leave grass and dandelions to seed.

I love the little patch of forget-me-nots but I don’t like what lurks unfound, like the rocks that threaten my blades from turning. No, I’ll pass and incur possibly the environmental wrath of whoever wants to come and enjoy the wildlife I get? Happy bees here!

Ooh! Spiky alliums… supporting some sticky willow.

Looking up forget-me-nots, they date back to the 16th century! And there are over 80 varieties 42 of which are native to New Zealand! Learn a new thing every day!According to a Greek legend, Zeus thought he had given all the plants a name, whereupon a small blue flower shouted “forget me not!”. The supreme god decided to make life easy for himself by giving the plant that name.

It’s just rained after I watered all my new planted areas… c’est la vie x

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