Lots planted!

I’m getting lots planted (salvias, alliums, anemones, cosmos) but the pile of soil isn’t quite finished being moved. I’ve filled the trolley and moved the sacks of compost, manure and Jack’s Magic down the side of the greenhouse. Where I pulled up the ivy other things are growing. Extraordinary how quick things are growing but the amazingly exciting thing is how quickly the new areas are taking shape. The predominant planting is blue and purple and I’ve seen an extraordinary amount of bees buzzing around the new flowers.

Iris! What a stunning bloom!

I’ve seen such a lot of different tulips flowering and I need to work out which ones I can leave in place after flowering but it seems some should definitely be dug up as some round the privet at the compost end of the garden seem not to have flowered this year. They were the ones I bought as blue tulips but the colour was burgundy really.

Where ivy was cleared!
Another iris!

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