Knebworth catch-up!

A really good catch-up with my lovely friend, former flatmate and self confessed lover of plants that might not grow in her garden… We caught up well and discussed meeting up for my birthday next time! Knebworth was good and some things had good prices! We were able to wander freely but possibly should have wandered round the actual gardens but to be honest just the event horseshoe of stalls and eateries and tents was sufficient for me.

Maybe we’ll go to somewhere near her next – loads to choose from, from Hampton Court, the Horniman to the Garden Museum – so we shall try and keep up our meetings.

Life isn’t standing still and I have planting to do! We both bought little herbs and something to climb up a wall. I have to build up energy but I have the garden and it’s huge bees to amuse myself in until the kids get back from the Science Museum where they went with Dad, booked the minute I suggested I had a friend happy to do Knebworth! I now have some things for the Veg Beds: courgettes and cucumbers and basil plants.

Should have taken more photos? The herb place did do well out of us…

One observation was the non appearance of the Dutch bulb growers which I’ve enjoyed in the past. Responsible for many of my first alliums and lilies. Brexiteers are you happy?


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