It’s nearly October!

That normally means I’ve long hung up my gardening gloves but you know it hasn’t been possible so far this year. I have still got too much to do. I’ve been glad of some rain falling and getting some of my new purchases watered. I am happy that some things are definitely looking good after the dry-roast of August when heat records were broken. I still have to repot some of my pots that got chargrilled and I got a gentle hint to tidy up the greenhouse. (Which IS embarrassing!)

A purple salvia!

I’ve bought some unusual things over the last few weeks and I would love to shake the cold which started on Thursday and was given to me by one of the children. My youngest apologised for passing on the cold germs but it could have been her sister…

Mares tail hides in the Holly!

I am lucky to be working in a way that means school pickups are possible. I also shuffled the youngest to two parties at the weekend so didn’t have as long in the garden as I’d have liked. But I do enjoy little glimpses of loveliness when I remove the things I hate. My mum is right that if I could afford a gardener, I know what they would be doing for me…

Typical clump of stuff I’ve been removing!

Note to Self: Next year do NOT allow me to do No Mow May! I have enough pollinators planted to attract bees without allowing weeds to take hold. A wild border might be enough but I need to plan more carefully than just allowing the couch grass to grow…

Pyracantha berries are profuse!
This dramatic foliage is growing out of the stump of the tree we had chopped down.

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