Weeding before 9am!

Day off but I still started off early! School drop off at 8, so on returning to the house I grabbed my gloves and set to those Veg Beds Up Front! Menaces were definitely afoot so I shook out some horsey stuff and yellow perils as well as some wild valerian growing round the sides.

Deadheading tulips brings me no joy but there are loads and loads of alliums about to burst out of their paper sheaths. White ones and purple ones are jostling with prairie length grasses (not planted) and it’s beginning to look like intent to follow No Mow May. Nope! I might have to haul our lightweight mower across the wobbly path and past the random refuse bins to do the front garden!


I have a telephone survey booked for later so mowing mindlessly might allow my brain to fill up with thoughts! Life is looking much more positive as there have been indications that R might get to come home with us soon. Difficult to hope but there you go!

Come on! Life is positive again! HRT is kicking in! No more gloom and doom! Even lying on my belly with bits of body parts getting scanned on Monday turned out to be different equipment being used to monitor my body for any more pre cancerous cells rather than repeating the procedure they did a month or so ago. Fingers crossed that it isn’t going to show anything seeing as they were confident that removing the area that looked dodgy would ensure no further issues. But that’s confident medic speak for crossing fingers and I already do that a lot! Ho hum!


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