Planting and digging!

I spent a while taking the soil off the tarpaulin and then hung it over the washing line where wind blew it off and puzzled me for a bit. Underneath the tarp was quite a lot of dead tangled couch grass. I’ve put a lot of it into the garden bin but I’ve also left a lot of it to dry off so it will lift up easily. I’m hoping the birds might help themselves too.

I have quite a lot to plant over this area but I’m reluctant to do it without clearing the dead grass properly but it’s backbreaking and boring. So much of the warnings say not to leave any roots or it will never be eradicated. This bed gets a lot of sun so I probably need to do more watering than I have been doing and some of the plants are frying already unfortunately. if we have a hot summer then I’ll need to water more.

Aquilegia about to bloom.

Grass needs cutting and I haven’t got the inclination either. Oldest is looking after her aunt’s dog tonight so if it goes well she wants to start offering dog sitting services to earn some money.


I took some pics in the early/late evening and hoped they turned out! Cherry blossom was fluttering about like snowdrops, and it took me a minute… it’s cold but not freezing.

Apple tree totally covered!

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