Day off with tooth pain!

I got rid of some pots for use in a school. They were little diddy ones which can be useful if you’re good at growing seeds…

I need to replenish my compost selection to do that! It’s actually pretty cold outside so sofa surfing might win over except I have a whole new area newly dug over to plant a lot of bulbs and bedding/low growing perennials into. I found some camassias and iris germanica as well as lots more crocus and blue anemones. There was more but I’ve hesitated in naming them as some were healthier than others! I’ve topped off with compost, sand, shells and manure, as the mixtures seem to help the clay soil. I forgot that I put in some chicken manure too. How badly will this be excavated in the night?

I forget how lovely afternoon sun can be in February(?)! So early to be out in the dirt!

Keep your fingers and toes crossed and I’ll show you what makes it through 2023! I had to head back to the dentist which wasn’t fun!

Shadows of the bush highlight where I could do a new bed?

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