Two revisits in a day!

We started off the bank holiday with grandma but on Saturday, it was just two of us and we did revisit a couple of gardens we’ve been before. Lunch and cake at the first one, and a few steps added at the other.

Gotha Garden is near us and the food on offer was delicious. We had a bowl of soup and a sandwich under the gazebo to shelter from the rain that started as we arrived. It cleared up and we walked around the garden which, by the nature of revisiting a garden we saw some definite changes in.

We visited before slightly earlier in the year but we saw the structure of the many alliums and scented the many roses which were in bloom. The areas in development before were looking settled and it’s worth a revisit if only for the Scrummy Victoria Sandwich and Jubilee cakes we had after our wander.

A film crew were about when we got back and the new site of the cafe made a shop visit easier. I didn’t buy any plants as I really don’t intend to dig today! But there were lots of peonies and clematis and hollyhocks and daisies. Something for everyone?

The wisteria is stunning!

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