Still weeding, and No Mow May seems like a bad idea…

There are chunks of the back garden looking terrible and we are 2days into No Mow May… there are beautiful patches of wild things but is it terrible to admit I am not keen?

I normally do a heavy edit but warts and all, paths around the really thick grass are not nice. I had to lift the rubber slabs to do the grass cut and those uncovered spots are sad.

I don’t like grass. There I’ve admitted it! And although I removed the grass in our old house I do appreciate it would be easy if we just had a few squares or circles, rather than our meandering mishmash. I was told to draw a plan but it’s too big for a scale drawing to fit on an A3 bit of paper. We have measure tapes that will measure it but it needs organising. And when everyone knows what the drawing is for, it bores the kids if it’s grownups stuff or mum’s garden plan.

Zingy Californian poppy!

Grass is growing in the flower beds! I heavily weeded those last year and I need (want) my mum or my dad or another helper to come and help me plan what I can do to cull the couch grass and survive high summer! The high price of building materials has curtailed any shed planning too.

Bramble regrowth!
Formerly a flower bed!!!

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