Easter Monday!

Lots of digging and planting was done this afternoon to try a finish the bed I have been doing for the last few weeks. It has lots of my favourites and the plan is to have lots of purples and blues.

Orange tulip

I bought some lavender stoechas (French butterfly lavender) and a little maple I bought for £2.99. It’s got gladioli and anemones corms and phlox. It’s almost ready for me to pull out the tarp and fully weed the dead couch grass underneath.

Some purchases…

My strength seems to have returned and I am hoping to find places to reuse the soil. I wonder whether I can fill up the veg beds!

Small plants grow!

I do feel tired but I’m proud of what I’ve managed. Even if I don’t garden in the midday heat, I can still get lots done only in a couple of hours. I still managed to buy lots of things by being frugal about the things I’ve bought, and I’ve got to get through a few weeks before I get paid. I’m hoping that the new bed will be a good mix of flowers at different times but I will need to plant some bulbs in autumn.

There are so many dandelions everywhere! They are important in the ecosystem but I will keep trying to cull them…

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