New Growth

It might be freezing out there but I spotted some new growth! Okay some of it is weeds but if you’ll bear with me, there are also signs of beauty to come. I spent a lot of money on bulbs and I think it’s paying off. I ran out mid-shower today and snapped a few shots and I think it can safely be said we are anticipating some glorious displays. I also think the vigilance of our squirrel-dog (border collie) kept the corm and bulb-munchers at bay!

Oh how exciting.

It also must be noted that there is the presence of my old nemesis, the dandelion, but as a new year resolution, I may be tempted to live and let live – or its too damned cold for weeding? Looking forward to a more pink, red, purple and blue spectrum in the plants that make it through the promised drought!

Desperately Seeking Employment…

*New Year’s Resolution? Nah, not really, but I do need to find something more regular! Invigilating has been my failsafe part-time employment for the last few years but I’ve been applying for as much as I can at the moment since realising that my trial of garden work proved too physical, even if I was determined to keep trying.

I’ll keep applying for things that are more cerebral though as Invigilating is not allowing me to be creative. I have spent the last few months fine-honing my problem-solving abilities on a domestic scale, but it is now time to address a few more: by bringing home a salary! I can do this!

And hopefully the thorn marks from my gardening last week will heal before I have to convince any potential employers!

I need to get planting seeds soon!

Gardening in January…

Don’t tell anyone but I went out in the front garden – in full view of the neighbours – and decimated the spiky thorn bush that has been scratching the car (I shall look it up) and snipped some holly. I used industrial gloves at one point but those bushes didn’t know I was coming. Tenth day of January and I am not bundled into ten layers of woolly clothing!

I even trimmed the holly bush which was overhanging and obscuring the phormium which is one of the first things I planted in the front. The others have not flourished quite as well but they were smaller to begin with.

I feel quite virtuous that my green bin is full again on the day of collection. But wondering what to do if glorious January continues? I will struggle to add much to the compost bins even though that is what we are being encouraged to do. Maybe I’ll have to ask Letchworth freecycle sites for another one…

Life is just so MesSy…

Our weekends look like becoming the garden cleaning crews once more. I liked having a gardening job but I realise now how much time is truly required to keep the garden usable and a pleasant place to be.

I feel a bit rubbish as the last few weeks I have been fighting an infection I didn’t know I had. Combined with recurring twinges from my extreme surgery last year I am now left regretting my gung-ho attitude to taking on the gardens of North Herts for quite so long. And I’ve lost interest in five minute jobs as I have so many of them and I don’t want to keep doing those if I haven’t got a plan.

I have gone all around the back and spotted so many areas of growth I can’t say are weeds or not and lots of areas which need a skip for the stuff which doesn’t belong. There are still lots of plastic containers and builders detritus as well as car maintenance containers needing taken to the local tip.

There are bits where I can see improvement and I’ve got to hope that the next few months allow me to get my wellies on and blitz the tidying and get some seeds planted early enough this year that birthdays don’t stop me from the pleasant planting by exposing the need for boring but necessary maintenance.

I have some stump killer to add to the four or so bad lumps!

First Post of 2020!

I have a lot of optimism for 2020! To say 2019 was a disappointment is fudging it somewhat as I thought that I had found a new path only to have it stamped on with steel-toed boots, literally.

I also didn’t manage to last out my yoga sessions as finding the location in the dark exposed my driving limitations and I think that’s a known MS eye problem. I need to work out a new exercise regimen which I can fit into a work hunt/life and leave myself some energy for gardening…

Last years daffodils – We will see if my cultivation of the overcrowded daffodil areas has affected the usual array which we are blessed with each year. Yellow being the predominant colours in early spring.

January is a time for meditation, affirmations and contemplation and it has already filled with some days of paid work (in my diary!) and medical appointments (joys!) which will give me time for meditation on where I need to pursue goals and endeavours this year to enable continued further work in the garden. Boy, not sounding like a stuck record much! Those four sheds are getting more decrepit by the minute (pic shows a different one last year?) and I’m not sure they will all make it through a late snow storm which is being threatened this week…

Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance. That probably needs to be diarised? Otherwise it won’t get done, right?

Sales bargains!

I spent some Christmas money selfishly on me today. Our local bookshop has a sale section so I bought some books at around 40% off. It’s got me thinking as well. Maybe a book should be written?

Actually I’ve been throwing that idea around for a while but not in any serious kind of way. Kind of halfhearted really… I have an idea and get distracted. I don’t have any extra funds to take time off to write or a place (ie not my sofa) to actually do it. But those are just excuses really. Go on somebody give me a kick to get going…

Otherwise, I will dig a big hole in the garden again!