Snowing in May?

Out in the garden for the last couple of days it has seen me have to refocus when the falling apple blossom visually feels like snow! It’s has been quite extraordinary.


I’ve also been quite excited also to see the bulbs of alliums popping up everywhere. And peonies, and iris. So many flowers about to open and make the garden my special place! It’s extraordinary how many things I’ve added over the last couple of years. Some of which didn’t survive and others that have done extraordinarily well. I noticed Cerinthe has really flourished. But on the site we cleared for the new shed. We obviously didn’t clear all the daffodils either!

Weeds like Sticky Willy seem to be thriving in the bed we created in the back of the garden. And there are lots of things coming through that I’m not sure I planted. Hey it’s all part of the gardens rich tapestry. The trees I planted are budding and I chopped my salvias. I’m not sure whether my gravel plan for around the bed is still going to happen? The couch grass is still growing strongly in clumps around it.

Gardening is definitely keeping me interested in keeping myself fit enough to do as much as I can and it feeds my need to be creative. Bank holidays also help with giving me more paid free time!

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