I wasn’t a reaper in a past life…

I may live to regret my weekend off! I did bits and pieces but I let No Mow May drift into June… there is masses to cut down and weed!

Lots of different grass seed heads!

But there is all sorts going on in the garden. I found a dead chick this morning which is very sad. D dug up a bit of my new bed and buried it. It was smelling a bit so had been there a while.

These sisyrinchium were freebies at the garden shop in Stevenage. I want them to go mad!

But the chair in the midst of the meadow is quite pleasant in the sun and I spotted some lilac poppies too! Nice when things grow! That was some seeds I bought online.

Purple poppy!

I have to go to the dentist on Friday which I am not looking forward to. It will be a repair to a tooth that was crowned I think. Lots of fingers crossed…

Salvia is lovely!

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