Bit blergh!

I’ve pottered a lot today, I shopped a bit, I’ve deadheaded lots of daffodils and discovered a lot of new things. My alliums now have buds so hopeful of a lot of beautiful globes. I pulled out a lot of sticky willow in my new bed at the back and I just have to remember which of the little trees need cutting to the ground? Monty talked about it on Friday and I have a feeling my salvia needs a good chop. I will search out some data. I need to add some books to my birthday wish list!

But I am not as full of life as I need to be – mid day hit me with diahorrea (sp) which came out of the blue – and although I’ve done a lot since, I wanted to do so much more!

Reminders came in about an order I thought had been placed and I sent it off asap, but again I spent a little too long online rather than digging!

Walking round the garden I am also discovering too many trees that I may not want growing! I think the big old sycamore/horse chestnut and the rowans out the front may have siblings taking root. We may have to get ruthless once more.

Think maybe an interloper…
My cull (50% of what’s growing)

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