The ground is very soft!

Normally we have rock hard ground in January… but every time I cross the grass outside the house to get to the car, I feel my feet get stuck slightly and almost squelch! There is almost a need to put down some stepping stones… but it’s officially not our land. It is public land. It is cut by a local garden company paid by someone else. But they haven’t replaced the tree that died and they don’t cut the bushes that abut our wall very well. In fact brambles regularly cut through it. I need to address those brambles sometime…

These lights are lovely but have not survived our garden!

The inside of our house needs tidying and it’s a job I hate almost as much as eradicating dandelions… but we must downsize the piles of mail we build up, monthly. So much mailed we could get emailed but there is something that feels safer to keep all of it, if only I could file some of it.

I bought some garden lights which are like dandelions. I might try and use the weird weather to hang as many of the Solar lights as I can. I’d like to try and do it soon…

Our floors inside are concrete and it looks like they are leaking! This could be costly! Our extension still needs a floor finish and when I asked a company to quote they said they’d do a 50 mm screed (concrete layer) so perhaps this is what we will need to do throughout… Jings!

So will the garden benefit from the warm weather? I have things to plant after all… the grass needs examining, is it challenged by the changing temperatures? Will a trim be a good idea? Who knows? Let me know, if you have a better clue than me…

Eek! I’ve spotted a typo in this…

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