Bits done, bits smashed!

Ok I propped the greenhouse door up when it slid off in my hands. I did lots of stuff! A new bed was created and planted around one of the standard roses. The barrel next to it disintegrated when I repositioned it.

Base of the standard rose before weeding and building new bed with lots of things in!
Plum buds!

Including shifting the gravel and repositioning the enormous umbrella and stand. This involved moving gravel and bricks, as well as pulling up couch grass and forget-me-nots, next to the silver birch which had an ants nest under the bricks I’d radiated around it.

The standard rose is like a tree! And has lots of blossoming roses!

Daughter helped me move stuff and has repositioned some bricks as she wanted to plant the doggy marigolds she bought me. And then she knocked the door I’d forgotten about and we spent 20 minutes picking up shards of greenhouse glass. One panel shattered all over the path. My fault and we actually still managed to finish a lot of other stuff. The umbrella is way too big and I will never buy one by mail again. However as long as high winds don’t blow it over the fence it’s made our seating area much more pleasant.

Front path

Lots of lovely flowers appearing all over! And the rain will help the new plants to settle in! I am inside now resting.

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