Such nonsense in this country…

It’s put me in a better mood to have the radio on but I’m cross with so much of what’s going on in this country. Today Brexit is being blamed for so much. 40% rent hikes, cost of shopping can be absorbed if you get a second job, and the Queen got to open the Elizabeth Line on the Underground and Edward took a tube home apparently? Life in Britain is bonkers.

Wild grass in my ‘hot lips’ salvia…

A friend has just shown me how to switch off Facebook notifications and sent me a lovely wee film from Northern Ireland. Joys of post pandemic life!

It’s been helping a friend identify her alliums by FB too

I have some weeding to do still but it’s too lovely! Too hot for a peri menopausal MSer anyway.

And in other news poor Monty Don has been floored by a dose of Covid. Gardening is supposed to help with my recovery so I am sending lots of socially distant healing thoughts to the presenter. It’s getting worse again? Not sure what to make of our post-pandemic cases. It’s not going away despite what the folk I am phoning seem to think. It’s not a pleasant dose of flu!

This is a horrid bindweed or something else I’ve moaned about…

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