Dandelions! Wherefore art thou, my beauties?

Every bleeping where! So brilliantly yellow and perfect, the bees are enjoying them all! I can pull them out of the zones I designated as flower beds I believe as the first Garden City has plenty! I have still got unweeded areas where they are plentiful but the things to show in bud are plentiful too! Loads of tulips and alliums.

On the street…
On the street… and in the front

We will have lots to look at and our rescue won’t eat any of the flowers, I’ve been told. So I’ll keep planting plants I know to be safe in the back garden and introduce as much as I can into the front. It’s been a thing that the winter continuing through March has seen a lot of phormium fail to thrive so I’m not alone in trying to revive plants but I wonder whether we dug up the one by our holly bush too quick? It was at least five years old and had been healthy but the one further from the house was only three or four years in and it hasn’t survived the cold snap! Keep hoping!

Street dandys!

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