Not gardening, Easter Sunday is for rest!

One is fundraising in Redbourn, with an Easter Egg hunt while three of us are lunching in St Albans with the rest of the patriarchal line (ie not mine). 21st century issues have sent out for dishwasher tablets after three loads of hand washing were done…

But it looks like being pleasant today. I must find suncream that’s recently expired. Another of my groans. It lasts so little time and I don’t need it all the time… but when I don’t use it, I end up with terrible sunburn.

And the red tulips are so bright they take your eye away from messiness. I have been left at home while dishwasher tablets are hunted down. The joys and important things of an Easter weekend. I wouldn’t have bothered. I did most of what was needing done. But our desperately small sink and drainer will not be the way forward if the tablets are not sourced.

Did I tell you we went to a far away garden centre yesterday to make sure the car is running okay? My fear if it didn’t was being stuck looking at lots of plants while waiting for the motorway rescue people, who’d be fighting through bank holiday traffic, but it was okay, and a new expensive gadget does digital trickery to monitor the engine is running okay, so all okay really. Okay, stop panicking! I left the garden centre with four irises. Not in soil but in similar packs to my favourite Woolworths-alike shop.

I’d honestly swing for myself for deciding to create a flower bed where we dumped a load of soil when flattening the area for the proposed garden shed. Lots of things have grown on the cleared area so obviously the bulbs had been planted really deep and the soil had loads of stones and corms and weeds in there too so I’ve pulled lots out before reusing it, but we still have several trolley loads to find homes for…

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