Day off and I am weeding/tidying!

Lots of stinky geraniums growing up through the gravel alongside weeds that ping their seeds out when you touch them. I’ve cleared the area of gravel underneath the trampoline moving bikes etc so I’ll probably get grumbles from hubby for putting them up too close to his shed door but I’ve been picking up bike maintenance bits that have just been left to fester…

The rescue dog won’t be finding random stuff lying around, if it’s anything to chew, not if it’s anything to do with me

It’s getting hotter by the minute but I have to check my time as the GCSE student needs collected soon. So it’s just as well I’ve done my morning weed before I have to pick up.

I had to go home early yesterday from work as I felt poorly. It came on very quickly and I slept a couple of hours before I felt like I was going to be okay. However it goes in swathes and I was in bed early and slept till 5 am. Early morning wakeups are just my thing now. And touch wood, the stinky wild plants won’t predicate another nauseous afternoon. Can’t waste a day off….

Allium with bells!

I’ve filled one of my raised boxes with a phormium and a load of cosmos and a lovely red hellebore, right by the door to the kitchen. I disturbed a load of ants so I hope I haven’t been bitten for my trouble. I found some lovely purple cosmos today so I am happy.

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