Bulb planting and WEEDING!

Lovely morning for it but I may have overdone it! There was lots of couch grass! Lots of dandelions and the laurel has regrown… eek! This garden has so many of my nemeses. I don’t want to drink dandelion wee, I mean tea, and the fact that things like my salvias are in full bloom tells me that this is going to be my permanent woe. The seasons are changing and we will have to accept the changes to our colour palette.

I keep seeing alliums and Scilla and fritillaries for sale in the pound shops and I’ve added loads to the bed nearest our bedroom which is changing shape each time I go out. Brambles and euphorbia weeds have been pulled out and manure mixed with the topsoil which I had left in a big green bag which disintegrated as I tried to move it. That topsoil is not moving far!

But a break is being had. I can’t work out whether I am fitter or lazier these days or am I just doing more so I have to take it in stages?

Damn spiky weeds!

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