It’s BACK!

My nemesis number 2 has thrown up lots of spikes! Mares Tail! Eek! The first three spikes have grown through concrete next to the house! But I’ve pulled out lots while planting the ranunculus I bought and had been soaking. They needed planting! So I need to keep an eye on the Fronds of horsetail. Grr!

Interestingly enough the weeds/roots of mares tail can be very very long, up to 3 metres… which means that it could be responsible for the weeds the drain guys said were surrounding the drain that was burst. Perhaps it could be that! The fronds growing through the concrete could be part of the roots the drain guys could see. Eek! Perhaps a serious weedkiller needs bringing in.

But loads of alliums, acquilegias and Camassias and hedges are in blossom. May is lovely 😊

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