Wet and windy!

I have started hibernating because, well, because I can. It’s been so wet that my inclination to dig things up has been affected. It’s 47 days till Christmas I believe and my work is all about doing what you can to stay well for Christmas… but as hubby has a birthday in November we aren’t allowed to put the gonks up but we are hosting Christmas this year so I intend to try and over-decorate as the house needs to be as cheery as possible.

That’ll be my barrow reflecting the overgrown buddleia in storm water!
Blue salvia came back!

But that said I want to say things about my garden as unbelievably today on my trip to the compost bin, I discovered lots of purple flowers. Canna lily? That seems so out of season? Global warming anyone? Cop22 is happening and my topicality is such that I don’t know how to explain flowers being out in November!

All so very cold! The fires been on! Go figure!

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