I like planting real plants!

It’s hard to keep planting bulbs and not know how long it’s going to be until things grow. So it was quite good over the last couple of days to put in some real plants.

I’ve planted some more plants! Wilkos had a few things I liked the look of…

The front garden gets a lot of sun in the afternoon, so it’s not the easiest of places to plant up. I might have to do some weeding of the central circle and put in some more bulbs. Grass and weeds have taken over again as well as some of the spiky bush that seems to grow all over. Is it putting out suckers?


I have also attacked the front circle today! It has a lot of my least favourite weeds growing as well as suckers from the hawthorn hedge. At least that’s what I think spiky hedge is. We have lots of things with prickles and we discussed today whether it would benefit our compost if I was to put shredded bushes into the compost. Twigs won’t work!

Halfway cleared…

But I will soon have to purchase my yearly subscription to the green bin… is it worth a double whammy of compost equipment so we can recycle provided I can cull (shred) enough of the nasties?

Not least of which are the snails I have found in abandon! E V E R Y W H E R E I pulled up some leaves (even among holly leaves!?!) there was a snail or a snail shell hence my chomped Japanese Anenomes… 😭 That was expensive snail food! I’ve added broken whelk shells to my soil to add out here. 🤞🤞🤞

Filling buckets with compost, manure, whelk shell and sand to cover over the bulbs which were mixed together: tulips, Scilla, pompom alliums and snowdrops.
Almost done…


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