February out of everything…

I woke up to FB posts about aggression on Brexit night…

Any other February we see ice and snow yet the sign of climate change show that I could be out there digging stuff up and planting…

I felt sad today so maybe digging some areas tomorrow might help with my sorrow. Lots has been lost and the Government are using new powers to set their own rules. Brexiteers I hope you are feeling glad to be back in the ’50s!

I planted lots of bulbs last year and it looks like squirrels didn’t eat them…

Bulbs are coming through!

I will be scouring FB to find some free stuff to do some landscaping. Anybody with any ideas or free stuff, please get in touch! I still haven’t done a drawing, but I’ve been fighting fatigue and back pain the gardening job exacerbated. Not really sure whether my urgent antibiotics and blood tests will show me free of the staphylococcus aureus infection I had over Christmas. It was picked up in a swab of my surgery area in December and I have felt more rubbish than I have in ages. From my brief google it is a nasty, unlike any I have had before.

Can I get some gardening help this year or is it too early to make that request?


Epping Forest

Crazy Plant Lady?

Am I a crazy plant lady? Hmm, probably! I saw a survey shared by a friend on Facebook that says crazy, plant ladies live longer… well my odds are compromised by the statistics already, so I’ll add these ones, thank you!

Bin shot? Crazy…

‘According to a study by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, women who have green fingers have a lower mortality rates and improved mental health.

I’m not saying much about my own green fingers at the moment, as if I’m honest my plant survival rates have been a bit hit or miss in the last few years since we moved house. House plants have come and gone as the window sills are either too hot, in direct sun or the opposite, facing north and not enough sun. The front and back gardens are the same, and the things I said were going are largely still in place. I do most of the garden plant maintenance and I accept that without some help I can’t get whole shrubs to the tip, and the garden bin fills too quickly and is only collected fortnightly.

We went to a wedding last night and I think my hangover is being delayed by tapping out these musings about our little big plot.

No more plant buying till we see what grows back…

Rubbish needs redistributed…

Tree stump needs eradicating…

Maybe I am a little crazy!


Nothing like being stuck in the hairdressers with a gardening mag to help with the planning of some trips. I can even go to Cambridge or other places locally to see snowdrops. Sometimes the benefits of living in Hertfordshire come to the fore when you realise how many estates and gardens have special days to see Galanthus!

Other trips need to be put in the diary I think as I am not good at remembering why the date rings a bell if it’s not diarised! It’s such a techno world I don’t read physical press so much so I have to take photos so that I don’t lose the references. I have my kindle in my bag… I will also tell you next month how my FB perusing led to a really pleasant coffee. And how my different work streams could finally come together!

Sorry about the selfie shadow…

And the shops are full of corms and bulbs if you fancy getting stuck in on a cold January day? Hmm though cheap I am not buying yet!


I haven’t mentioned my visitor!

And it was mild enough to head outside again. Garden bin gets collected tomorrow and I shoved some leaves and brambles in on top of the holly and spiky bush from 2 weeks ago.

I am struggling with motivation to be sure. It’s not normally my happy place, gardening in January, as we are usually seeing several inches of snow? Ground is soft and actually if I could be so inclined I could fill another bin after collection. But it’s all about pruning then.

I want rid of so much but a day can fill two bins? Which I don’t have because of the extortionate cost. This blog tends to favour financial limitations more than physical these days and I’d love some suggestions of how I can get away from that. Can somebody send the end of a rainbow in my direction?


Everything was a frosty shade this morning and I wanted to get out and do lots, but reality sunk in. I am not coping well with the latest antibiotics. Gee, so many things are better than ever – my balance is good, I’m walking again, my daytime energy levels are good but the light is still failing early and then everything feels like a struggle.

However, I did go out and tidy a bit. Little and often is going to be my aim. I’ve also got to see if I can plan a few things. At the back of my mind I’ve booked a trip to a garden show in a few months! Just need to find a confirmation!

I’ve also decided to go and see some more of my wish list gardens… I was watching the programme Monty Don has been presenting about American gardens and it’s reminded me of so many things I’ve been involved in. My big garden publishing project when I worked as an editor was The Garden Book, guest edited by Tim Richardson. Many of the gardens in the United States are featuring in Monty’s programme and it’s made me yearn for a trip to see more.

But I need to find a new income stream and make it happen. Despite initial January hiccups, I do still feel like 2020 can only get better. I can visit things close at hand and dream of getting to further away places. There are lots of modern gardens I really like and lots of pretty pink rose gardens that leave me cold. Beth Chatto last year was really inspirational, and it made me feel like I wasn’t weird to want to dig up our football pitch-sized grassy areas, front and back.

January needs to be about planning…

New Growth

It might be freezing out there but I spotted some new growth! Okay some of it is weeds but if you’ll bear with me, there are also signs of beauty to come. I spent a lot of money on bulbs and I think it’s paying off. I ran out mid-shower today and snapped a few shots and I think it can safely be said we are anticipating some glorious displays. I also think the vigilance of our squirrel-dog (border collie) kept the corm and bulb-munchers at bay!

Oh how exciting.

It also must be noted that there is the presence of my old nemesis, the dandelion, but as a new year resolution, I may be tempted to live and let live – or its too damned cold for weeding? Looking forward to a more pink, red, purple and blue spectrum in the plants that make it through the promised drought!