Lots of love…

The garden is technically a mess. But it’s also where lovely and toxic plants co-exist. And a different Bindweed variety is attacking the roses… Dioscorea communis or Black Bindweed has heart-shaped leaves and it was twining itself around the roses. Eek! Took my eye off the ball for a few days! I’ve filled the brown bin completely this morning, so heavy it is hard to trundle it out of the garden.

Black bindweed my new nemesis!
Clearing bindweed, and ivy, and other of my nemesis weeds. A life’s work!
Clematis we got with a moving present.

I am back to feeling spurred on to do a bit more again but I must admit the lockdown seems never-ending. I’ve devoloped excruciating itching, so bad I’ve made myself bleed really badly. Ouch! Is it a side-effect of Tecfidera? Another one I’ve discovered is that it may be responsible for my newly curly hair. I thought going short did that but it seems to be a side effect: unlucky people lose hair, but others find little ringlet waves!

I must be more positive is also my birthday resolution! My girls just asked me to give them present ideas, trying to get me to say the ideas they have had. And the DPS guy delivered something I wasn’t meant to see, but the way he said my name made me think it was addressed to me… Everything inside is still a mess (except for my beautifully tidy kitchen surfaces after yesterday’s burst of energy) but you know what? We are all safe, well and happy.

Look at those potatoes!
Lambs ears! They are so soft.

My garden. A place of meditation, bruising hard work and contemplation. Supported by my family in these tough times.

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