Reaching far-flung corners…

My humble little blog does get around. I can view where it is opened, and I see a place that took me by surprise. I was born in an African country and someone there is reading? I have no connections to China however…

My daughter was photographer

But it spurred me on to clear another neglected corner by one of the apple trees. I got crazy with the secateurs excavating and stopping a prickly bush and some privet from hiding the tree. I did get stuck at one point and called a rescue cry. On being told there was a business call pending (and he was sans gloves) I sent him off after pulling out the larger cutting so I became safe again. The tree is visible once more! However the brown bin is still over full and collection starts on Thursday. It’s only Tuesday and I have filled the bag we got a tonne (?) of topsoil in…

Potatoes looking good
I haven’t seen that bit of fence before and we are coming up to 5 years here…
Broadbeans, spinach, coriander, radishes and onions

My daughter took a lot of these shots and is showing signs of being a good photographer. I insisted the one of me is from the back but highlights the bushy lockdown hair. Haircut now a coveted 21st century luxury. When will hairdressers reopen?

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