An unusual Bank Holiday…

It didn’t involve a garden centre… and actually very little gardening, which given lockdown is unusual for me/us, and we took a family walk observing the rules to the Hitchin Lavender fields. It’s a lovely walk and I look forward to doing it again in the correct season, when the little cafe might be open.

I’ve done lots of washing, hanging it outside because unusually there isn’t a barbecue anywhere around to scent the washing (fingers crossed one won’t be lit while I write this).

We saw many others and observed the distancing, including for one little girl who shouted hello to my daughter. They’re in the same class but they rushed past without chatting.

Tiny red flowers of Salvia ‘Hot Lips’ by some ‘Lambs Ears’.
This fox glove just flowered too!

Tomorrow is back to our normal lockdown life. I will maybe do a little more turf cutting if it gets cooler. Or weeding? And will be trying to create some new turf piles to make use of the topsoil in areas we will turn into flowerbeds. Which could be quite a lot of places…

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