End of strange Halfterm?

It’s been lovely but I don’t think I want a half term like this again. Can I get a job after this? The hedge has been cut but the amount of rowan saplings is alarming.

Lovely white roses, who knew?

The garden bin is out for collection (today) but we can fill it twice over. I have my new trimmers/clippers and I know they will help exterminate! Exterminate! Lots of things I don’t want. The shed conversations are continuing as hubby needs a place to work, but I’m not sure the discussions are coming out in my favoured directions. A big shiny home office is turning out to be not in our budget… well we haven’t finished the second bathroom so that is not surprising! House is getting overlooked despite the things needing plumbed/tiled/painted/floored and needing finished.

Couldn’t resist laying out some slabs…

Life isn’t easy when you can’t flick a magic wand! Hence my turning back to my plan for working hard as I can this year… hey I never thought I’d be furloughed (and I don’t know whether I have rules for that!) and now being asked medical history for the first time in one job… again MS may put me into a strange category. Who knows?

Part of the hedge needing clipped…

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