Halfterm in Lockdown!

Not coping very well with this new reality. Arguing with people about paying in advance for my hair appointment (May to July is a long time!) when hairdressers are not on the list to open yet! What if we have another spike of Covid cases after Cumminggate? The advisor who wrote the rules only to hold himself above the rules…

We have no sympathy when we have self isolated for the longest time. Kids haven’t been out much and we get our once daily exercise (they have changed it to unlimited) but you know what, it’s never going to be easy! Driving even ten miles seems too far, but we are only slightly vulnerable now. Kids won’t be in the tranche to go back. September hopefully?

But who knows? Britain is no longer Great. We have the highest number of deaths, we still don’t know where it came from and the rules only apply to? Who? Better get back to gardening before I get too enraged.

Stripy roses are blooming.

We can hear it’s busy outside. More cars about and people chatting. Has the danger passed? Well the rules don’t apply anymore (she says tongue-in- cheek, in cheek) and Vitamin D may protect me from Covid? That’s the latest theory anyway so I will sit in the sun!

Caster Oil plants only took months to appear…
Need a spinach recipe…
Time for multicoloured roses.


  1. Love reading your posts. Cant believe the hairdressers asked you to pay in advance! I’ve not been able to leave the house at all since March 9th, hopefully it’ll all be over soon. Keep posting beautiful photos 😍


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