Bees are a buzzing…

Wildlife is inhabiting all corners of the garden and scaring the life out of me! Red the Robin keeps flying really close or over me in a desperate race for food from the clods of weeds I am pulling out. Grass and weeds are being lifted to try and clear paths and areas for slabs, the latter looking like it will need to be involving lots of turf dug up. The turf can be relocated to holes which have developed over the soakaway, which I keep falling into while hanging out laundry. The washing line needs relocating but I haven’t worked out where yet.

Bees are flying into the greenhouse and freaking me out. I am not a fan of being up close and personal with anything stingy but as I keep telling myself it will only use its sting if threatened. Butt we have a variety of shapes of bees, fat enormous ones and stripy hornet like ones. I will keep planting things they like as long as I can keep swiping dandelions.

It’s is a fierce gale outside and I don’t want to brave it outside. I took a little video from the bedroom but it’s my peg bag bobbing on the washing line that’s the most obvious sign of the wind.

I’ve discovered the plant I put in the front garden is known as fireweed in the US. Here it goes by willowbane… Uhoh it might be a spreader!


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