Halfterm! Do we get a break?

It’s been a funny old Spring Term. My daughter has been learning Spanish on duoLingo which isn’t on the curriculum of many junior schools but we have relatives in Spain so when the restrictions ease and I renew my passport we could look at a trip.

Sparkly alliums all over! (My all time favourite! Don’t tell!)

Wandering round my seed beds this morning was also exciting. It seems we will have sweet corn… and my caster oil plants have sprouted! And I thought the seeds were bad? Nothing grew for the longest time….

Caster oil plant growing!

Sweet corn is groovy! Only tiny as yet but promising. Tomatoes have suddenly appeared too. The cucumbers I was negligent when putting outside and some are fried in strong sun. I know where tropical plants go now. Maybe a nana or breadfruit plant?

We have been watching some of the Virtual Chelsea and it is interesting to see the presenters at home. Joe has an amazing tropical corner in London – I miss my little courtyard too sometimes as I left before I really got into gardening.

I think this is too pink for me. Beautiful scent however. Free to a good home if anyone wants it? At the appropriate season…

Lots of potential in my garden and I am learning as I go along. Loads of things I said I’d do away with but that was slowed by Covid this year tbh as the tips are heaving since reopening and I have another week till they collect my brown bin again. Not keen on starting too many piles before we can easily get rid.

Can’t cut the grass so wild flowers abound! If there is a patch when the tent is moved I could reassign it?
This step has been appropriated by the dog. Hope she doesn’t mind it being moved…


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