Really. Hot one minute, freezing the next!

And that could just be the menopause! I know yesterday was unseasonably warm, and quite a lot of time was spent outside. So glad we have our garden to escape being inside. The rules are not clear for people and the media seem to be turning on the Government. I didn’t see the Queen’s second broadcast and I didn’t put up bunting yesterday. I am sure if we hadn’t been in lockdown we would have gone out and about. But we do have alliums aplenty: schuberti, christophii, and siculum. Spelling mistakes mine!

A fancy allium I will have to look up

People near beaches have my envy. I would love to be able to watch the tide going in and out, every wave different. Walking by water and feeling the freedom and inaccuracy of nature and the constancy of the tidal pull. Hmmm. Not sure when we will be free as that again…

But there is a drop in temperature so I need to go check my seeds and pull out some more ivy from our outer wall. The chap who delivered our slabs made the concrete capstone for the chap across the road so I know our next purchase should be to replace the crumbling bricks on the top of our pillars… maintenance never ends! Like machines don’t last forever. Our washing machine made some loud clanks and we now need to replace it. Joys!

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