Eight weeks at home?

It feels like longer it seriously does! Having made/released a prerecorded film of a speech by the Prime Minister two days ago, the Government is peddling backwards to convince the country they will keep us safe. I feel as unsafe now as I did in the hospital on March 17! I have missed dental, MS nurse and blood test appointments. I can’t pick up the glasses I ordered early March because the prescription is so complex. I bought hair clips today because my hair hasn’t been cut since early March.

These are growing wild on the path.

We miss our 21st century life and have regressed to a simple existence reliant on Zoom, WhatsApp and Messenger to see our loved ones. My dad is mid80s and he is missing his golf. My mum, a little bit younger, is missing that ability to visit a handful of shops in one day, like I am. I ventured out today and went to three different shops! Woohoo! It enabled me to buy some seeds. We probably won’t have room to grow much more in a raised bed but I am picking up compost on Thursday as the local garden society shop allowed some pick ups if we order in advance. I’ve volunteered to help in the shop in future weeks if they can keep open after the chief organiser has set up a route to allow social distancing. And I am not going to be invigilating any time soon either…

A deep pink rose

Life has gone for a little wander and I hope it gets back on track soon. I am sad to say although I didn’t see any friends this morning I felt better for talking to other people, including the same shop assistants who I know by sight, and I have missed their faces, worrying that they might have succumbed to the virus. I am grateful to so many people who are keeping the country functioning, and very few of them wear smart expensive suits or can afford private Covid testing.

That ivy is much depleted and the wood pile has been tidied

I am no longer sure whether I am vulnerable. But I will take precautions while I need to and my husband will continue to self isolate – we both have been at home since my daughter had surgery in March and he has been planning our next project – I might see that new shed this year after all!

I found my scribbled order and plan for the slabs we now have!

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