Hard working…

The turf is being lifted and boy it makes me feel better! Closer by the metre to laying some slabs … but after a blip yesterday when I fell through the floor (not literally) and cried my eyes out, it feels really good to have achieved a slab width of turf removal. On my own with the turf cutter!

Big turves filling the holes where the soak sway collapsed…

But I never would have learned how to cut turf quickly if I hadn’t had to do it for clients of the gardening company… And I have been told not to overdo it as hubby is not feeling great and to have two crocks would not be good. I might go and cut the lines with the tool, without lifting anymore?

We have been eating radishes from the veg beds and I think spinach could be pulled soon. Sweet corn are growing in the greenhouse as well as tomatoes from the sliced tomatoes I buried, not the packets which are suspiciously not doing anything. A new technique for next year methinks. And the potatoes were planted using the ones that sprouted in the cupboard.

Red came by when I was resting…

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