May blossoms!

Teeny tiny allium
Heuchera getting bigger after neglecting it for a year
Until this flowers I can’t remember what it might be…
First of the peonies I inherited with the house
Clematis seems darker this year

Telling a story with pictures is sometimes easier. I am a very random gardener who makes impulse buys and can think for ages what the names of something is but remember it after posting with ease.

Colours are definitely more my thing but I like a flower you can get a good picture of. My roses are beautiful even if I don’t want to grow them. We have lots of things grow through the grass and we believe the previous owner just put down turf without clearing much away. So much grows through the grass. Which is not high quality grass by the way, which is only obvious when the lawnmower does its thing.

I can appreciate the beauty of this rose
A new addition to the front which is slightly pinker than I like! And I’ve forgotten what it is…

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