Hard work planting…

When work is planting new things, it can be very satisfying. Digging out bramble roots makes a hole for a new plant? Ivy snipped a few weeks ago pulls off fences very easily. But realising that areas I’ve planted are sun traps so I think I might have to put in more drought resistant things… or I lose plants I have bought and planted. Wish I could grow from seed but the gestation time leaves me bored looking at spoilt trays.

I have a flat weedfree area for slabs but it’s still needing lowered by a bit according to my perfectionist other half who has been car tinkering for days/weekends now and there is still concrete to break off the existing path. I cannot do that myself as the lump hammer is heavy enough.

But I’ve planted honeysuckle and Passion flower and my seedlings from the caster oil plants. A salvia has lovely blue flowers so it’s in there too. I hope the hosta won’t get munched!

I took a wander into town and more shops are opening – my oldest was delighted to be able to visit her local bookshop? – and I felt a bit more alive after my lurgy-filled weekend. Every shop had implemented their own restrictions but I realised I was still feeling a bit wobbly so I’ve been resting since we got home. Planting/weeding will resume tomorrow, hopefully!

Alstroemerias at the front gate
Another area weeded but euphorbia is tying to reestablish…

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