Sleepover outside!

Youngest wanted a night in the tent… Her older sister pulled out of being the chaperone at the last minute and we were looking at a devastated nine year old who doesn’t have much happening right now in lockdown world. It wasn’t going to happen unless mum stepped in, and it was against everything I wanted to do at that precise time but dad was working next day so I was only option. A bit like being in hospital with my oldest just before lockdown started. Tents, sleeping bags, deflating air mattresses and a garden gate rattling like a horde of robbers and axe murders are about to break in are not my way of sleeping well, not to mention the urge to go to the toilet at regular intervals… I feel dreadful after an hour at most of sleep and all the worst of my fatigue and MS symptoms feel like they have come out to play a malevolent dance through my body.

Yes I did lots of turf cutting yesterday and I was hoping a good nights sleep would get me back on track. Not a chance! I feel absolutely rubbish and no the photos won’t show that at all… Making the most of horrible lockdown for the kids has reinforced my age and body is too far into this decade for those shenanigans and all I want now is – cake!

Cut turf looks ready for lifting – my body says No!
The gin was strong but if it had been less strong maybe I’d have argued better against camping.
Looks harmless in daylight

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