Rashly ordering gadgets…

My front hedge is starting to look like the individual bushes it is, so I ordered a hedge trimmer. Let’s see whether delivery will be tomorrow? Oh I’ve hexed it now! I even nearly applied for a job, until I realised it was not in Stevenage (the email header lied!) but as a medical editor with six years experience was required I baulked when I realised it was actually in Cambridge. It was three days a week! My ideal! But not if it involves an hour a day of travelling which I can’t/won’t be rushing to do.

Missed this with the lawn mower…

The kids are on holiday! Yay! But it’s halfway finished and my husband is still working in the shed. And in case anyone thinks I spent a lot on the trimmers, I did not! This brand was not a household name and it was less by £9… thank you! I know there are all sorts of arguments about buying local but when shops are not open, what you gonna do?

Cosmos gifts

We are still planting stuff and weeding. Next door gave me white cosmos and my gardening magazine (my reward for braving Tesco?) came with acquilegia seeds. Lots to do today and no need to be glum. Even children have spoken to me today!

Can you spot a not weed?

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