And today has seen some changes!

We picked up a table from grandmas this morning and spent quite a few hours rearranging furniture so that our own dining table now forms a workspace for our youngest in the hall. Books have been moved and alphabeticized to another part of the house. A shed has been taken down. Another will move to its spot, and a new work shed will be built. So the original plan I had was to lose some sheds and get a home office? Hmm pipe dreams (unless I write a best seller?)! But there was lots to be sorted both in and out today.

But although I describe the table as space for the youngest, we now have more workspace inside, and maybe it can be used by me to try and get some thinking/planning done without the need for hiding in my bedroom. And the rearranging of the shed is definitely a bonus, and it also spurs me on to do a little bit more to the garden to make this possible.

Apples are appearing!
Contents of a shed and lots of things needing binned…

Despite my enthusiasm for the garden beds and the veggies we have grown. I have to admit to not having the patience or the energy for continuous planting and growing vegetables. I love the tastes of homegrown but it’s a lot of work! We’ve done a lot of pruning and that has caused lots of things to grow better. We have some big apples appearing and possibly some gooseberries and rhubarb, so after a day of shifting furniture, tomorrow is for baking!

Little shed will be replaced by bigger shed from behind the garage.
Family task reorganisation of the books…

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