Birthday mulling…

Not a significant number this year but my birthday under lockdown (which is officially over if you believe the Government…) has been as lovely as it can be. I’ve had brunch and cake (lots) and I am doing very little…

I could do more but I am staying supine. I had a 1am wake up call so we are a bit fragile. Birthday breakfast became brunch and we’ve had lots of cake. A birthday present was a baking gadget so oldest teen made cakes with it. I have decided to wait out the day and see whether my tum is up to steak (!) and more Prosecco…

Blue clematis has topped the apple tree.

I have planting to do weeding before but I think that is tomorrow morning’s task, after the children get down to some work. I bought some Passion flowers yesterday hoping to introduce them to some sunny walls. And some blue and purple Salvia for some borders. Plenty to keep me busy… tomorrow.

Happy birthday to Me!

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