And now we can plant veg!

We worked very hard yesterday. There are now two fully filled beds with topsoil. Both have also been topped up with my bags of potting compost as well. Tomorrow I discussed with Squeaks we will try to get planting, using things we have that get planted straight into the soil.

We have some potatoes sprouting in the cupboard, some shallots, some garlic cloves, chives and radishes. Too many to list any more but I think I am going to mix them up as much as we can to make our delicate seeds as protected as we can. I can see the thought process of my daughter who started asking whether we had any… No! We have what we have and if we find something missing that she craves, well we will have to work out whether it is orderable or we can locate it in a local shop/can send the tween into one of my favourite Woolworths alikes.


Spring flowers!

First daffodil is not fully emerged…

Snowdrops x

Wind has thrown pots all over the garden.

Purple and blue!

It truly is magical to see flowers appearing! We have some bulbs appearing and there are blue and purple versions of very similar flowers that are utterly unexpected. I was a wee bit surprised to see them in the same bed to be honest and not being a pedantic labeller or meticulous planner I have absolutely no idea whether they were bought together or not. Have they been planted in soil which has affected their outcome? No idea, but I really think the possibility that a supply might have come from two suppliers might be the answer.