Trees planted!

So two holes were dug. One in the grass and in the midst of clay and grass, both wild couch grass and other lawn grass. The other hole was in the bed under the apple tree. I’ve dug out lots of bulbs to replant in September, but the plum tree is going in there. We know it’s not the ideal time to plant but if we keep up the watering apparently it will be fine. So my next task an alarm set for watering, my evening tablets and a wee bit of planting those plants I haven’t planted yet.

That is a bucket of serious clay… soil preparation is everything!
The plum is in the centre raised bed.

There is still serious weeding needs done. But we are making the garden ours. It’s really nice to see the things I like start to take hold, and I’ll still want to spend my wages on more. I still have birthday money… 👩‍🌾

Crab apple in the grass… bed will be enlarged.

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