Digging tree holes!

Blimey, this may be the job too far! I have to dig a hole double the size of the pot the tree came in. And I’ve had to clear the soil of couch grass and weeds, this has meant digging up/out a load of the bulbs. I want to get rid of the silver ragwort bush too, as it’s officially not a plant I love so it needs to go somewhere less visible. Digging the first stage was hard and I worry it’s actually going to need digging too! I ache already!

This silver ragwort plant has to go!
I wonder if this is agapanthus? Two strands with buds…
I thought this was a rowan but plant finder says it’s an ash! Needs digging out!
This is our weeping crab apple, which will be placed in a new bed I need to dig!
This is our new plum tree! The hole is half dug!

I have so much to plant! And it means my garden is progressing to being our garden rather than the previous owners! Yay!

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