I took the Mother’s Day holiday and had a rest!

I have now been featured in Momentum (US-based MS Society magazine) in a gardening article for their spring issue. It was published yesterday. They even used my lockdown bushy hair picture. If you want to have a read there is quite a lot of useful info about gardening with MS.

I have some more things to plant if I feel like it today. It’s nice out and I had to drop my teen at school as her bike was locked up yesterday while she attended an after-school club. She walked home last night then I had an early start to get her to school this morning. So as I was out I went to the shopping centre en route and picked up some bulbs and other bits which can go into the beds when I feel up to it. It’s very quiet still in the shops despite reports it was ridiculously busy at the weekend. Have mask, will shop if we are allowed!

Supermarket shop!

I keep getting bursts of energy interspersed with chronic fatigue which I am not loving. After seeing the MS nurse last week I felt so much more positive but I don’t get any help with energy levels – I wish – and there is much anticipation at the moment but we are not out of lockdown. Far from it. Gardening needs to be my outlet or my ‘happy place’ for now.

Think these are acquilegia I’ve planted…

I need not to weed things I plant as well. I have a horrible feeling we (my little one and I) might have pulled out some things I planted last year thinking they were grasses. Oops! Some beds look over full now so I probably need to note down where things are planted in a notebook?

These hellebores were white last week?

Gardening with MS: Benefits and tips

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