Still a bit nippy…

March has seen snow so I am not rushing out to the garden, even if the college cancelled work I was booked for this week. Housework is building up again and schools are still likely to return next week.

Excited by the unfurling tulip leaves…

Today sees the brown garden refuse bin chock-full of ivy/bramble cuttings and rosemary (which probably could have been dried). It is going out for collection today for tomorrow morning very early. I have snipped it twice over to try and maximise what fitted in but I have left-overs. It was rather cold but my work was cancelled this morning so I have an afternoon to keep filling. I really have no control over the work I get and keep looking out for something with regular days that would suit me. However I have to accept that I am not at the top of any employer’s wish list am I? Maybe I should apply for work with local planners? I spoke to one local organisation and she bit my head off when I queried the requirements of another (I didn’t know?!?) regarding the allowed ‘shedd-age’ in our area. As yes it looks like our garden is not our own to build a shed despite the fact we had four, pulled down one, want to remove one and put up another? Apparently it is all requiring permissions and fees and other costs we hadn’t allowed for in the already tight budget.

A ‘not back to school yet’ treat
All pictured at the same time we have a battery shortage in our clocks!
Daffodils 🌼

I’ve been trying stuff out of my comfort zone, and that hasn’t worked out at all. The world of work isn’t offering me much because it has taken so many people out of the jobs they’ve been doing and it’s an employer’s choice at the moment. If anyone hears of anything I could do, or thinks I should try please get in touch! If the kids do go back, I shall schedule some writing goals! And enjoy my own music, instead of kpop!

Music via the telly!
Can you see the size difference now between the mini daffs and the ‘normal’ size?

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